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Shot of 'zstest', ZeeSpace 0.1 Shot of 'zstest' from ZeeSpace 0.1 as it looks after the intro sequence with no command line options. (640x480)
Shot of 'zstest', ZeeSpace 0.1 'zstest' from ZeeSpace 0.1 again, this time in 3D preview mode. This feature is just meant as a tool for visualizing scenes in authoring tools, but it's actually pretty fast, and could probably be turned into something more generally useful. (640x480)
Shot of 'zstest', ZeeSpace 0.1 Same ZeeSpace 0.1 test scene again, early in the morning (I guess)... (640x480)
Shot of 'zstest', ZeeSpace 0.1 ...and with the sun almost in zenith. (640x480)
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